The internationalization of the METRO Marketplace will introduce important adjustments to help both our sellers and customers benefit from cross-border trading. As part of our expansion, we are switching from Gross price to Net price. In addition, both the origin and the destination of your goods must be indicated. The introduction of this measure serves the purpose of being able to calculate the VAT taxes according to the respective market in the future.

Metro Marketplace will perform a smooth transition, providing a step by step change management processes to facilitate international development.

The starting point will be the introduction of Net Price in the User Interface of the Seller Office. When creating a new offer, we will as of now request you to provide the Origins and the Destinations of the goods.

By developing a new process, the calculation of VAT has been automated, so that no manual calculation is necessary. VAT is calculated automatically by the METRO Marketplace based on the origin and destination of the products