First, download the template in your Seller Office. The template contains all the general information we need to create your product page on the marketplace. Go to the Categories page and search for the relevant categories for your ranges. Copy the ID of the appropriate category and paste it into your product data file. Ensure to always use the lowest level of the category tree. The page also provides more information about the categories such as VAT, marketplace fees, and the attributes required. Review the categories and ranges your products are classified under and insert the suggested attributes as separate columns in your file.

Please note that a good product description and detailed information will help buyers make better purchasing decisions and reduce the number of returns and cancellations.

When the preparation of your file is finished, save it as CSV (semicolon separated) and upload it to the Seller Office. We will then process and review it. Please note that it can take a few days for your product data to be released depending on the amount and file size. The time length can take up to 5 business days.