Product Data and Offer Data are two separate data that must be uploaded separately. 

You can create a new offer manually in your Seller Office, upload a CSV file, or use our Open API.

To create a new listing manually, go to My Inventory in the Seller Office and click Add New Offer. First, you need to search for the product via GTIN or MID (Material IDentification). When you have found the right product, add all your details, and then send us the offer.

To create multiple offers, you can use the CSV file. Go to Manage Offers in your Seller Office and download the template. The template contains all the data you need to create an offer. Use one line for each product you want to sell. When you have finished preparing your file, save it as a CSV (semicolon separated) and upload it to the Seller Office.

For further information download here Product and Offer Data.