Yes, you can update your offer data at any time. 

You can update your listing data manually, via a CSV file or via the Open API.

Reupload offer data and it will change automatically. 

If you want to edit several offers with a CSV file, there are two different options:

  1. Update or add inventory: If you choose this option, we will either update your existing listings; or create new listings for the products in the file. The offers that are not in the file will not be changed.

  2. Replace Existing Inventory: If you choose this option, we will replace all of your current inventory data with the exact data in the file. Everything that is not in the file will be deleted and all new and changed items will be updated. 

  3. Delete Existing Inventory: Use this function if you want to stop offering an item for sale. Only Specified Items will be stopped for the offering.